Backup and synchronization is made easy with PureSync

With PureSync the waste and compare data that are located in different directories or drives device, child's play. The freeware provides extremely user friendly wizards and automatic detection of newly connected drives such as USB sticks and hard drives for these tasks.

made backup and synchronization easy: PureSync

When starting PureSync a window in which the free tool to synchronize some operations such as folders, backup or photo sync appear specifically offers for memory cards from digital cameras. Step by step wizards guide the user then selected tasks. So you have a choice between the manual setting of the folder to be copied, for example saving data. Or follow the suggestions offered PureSync. Conveniently, the tool also refers directories such as the bookmarks from browsers or data stored by mail clients like Thunderbird or Outlook, in the fuse with one. It is not necessary here to enter these often deeply buried in the system locations manually. PureSync seeks and finds the appropriate directories automatically. It supports all the typical surf programs.

Synchronization and backup on USB and external hard drives

puresync3Among the options for data backup standards are such as schedules and backups when you log off or shut down the computer. On request, the backup also starts as soon as an external storage device is connected. Full control over the data to back up the user receives through a survey in which PureSync displays all eligible files and folders. Mouse click you can exclude files or directories here. Who accesses the like used by Windows subfolder of your own files and exchanging data between different versions of the operating system, is suddenly faced with a problem. The directory structures here are quite different between XP and Vista or Windows 7th Thus in such synchronizations avoid chaos, PureSync automatically adjusts these structures to the conditions on the target system. This ensures that its matched its data too. Transferring files via USB flash drive or hard drive is also simplified by wizards on the target system makes the manual copying in unnecessary with file managers.

PureSync: free for individuals

puresync32Thus copying of digital images not screened images again land on the PC, PureSync here includes photos on the camera from the transfer of which have already been deleted from the computer since the last synchronization. This saves both time and space. New in version 2.2 of PureSync is the so-called "mirroring" function. So that the subsequent automatic removal of files on the target computer is possible that have been deleted in the meantime on the source system. PureSync is free for individuals, but does not support file operations over the network, such as FTP&# 45; or NAS drives. Who needs those features or might use the tool commercially, should resort to the paid professional version.