Excel Vacation Planner Pro 2023

Excel Vacation Planner Pro

Of the Excel] Holiday Planner Pro Download assist in the management of vacation, illness, business trips, etc.. The days of absence of up to 200 people can be hold with the shareware and see.

Absence day plan with the Excel Holiday Planner Pro Download

The leave and absenteeism planner for Excel is unlimited use for years to come. Since regional holidays by the user themselves can be adjusted, the route planner can for example be specifically adapted to the requirements for individual federal states in Germany or Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Useful monthly and annual statements as well as the transfer of the remaining vacation days for the coming year.

Excel holiday planner Pro Download

Macros must be enabled in the spreadsheet

The leave and absenteeism planner comes with Microsoft Excel Version 2007 deal and can also be used with Excel-compatible spreadsheets like OpenOffice. Macros must be enabled in the spreadsheet so that all functions are accessible. The entries are made directly in a month calendar, which clearly indicates the people and immediately calculates the remaining vacation days after entering the holidays.

Vacation request forms are available in Excel Vacation Planner Pro on board

The shareware captures all master data, providing graphic holiday plans, including leave request forms and provides the user with a variety of printing options. In the January-month table Employee ID are. notes or ID, name, the rest leave entitlement and the leave entitlement for the current year. These entries the program by formula automatically takes over in all other leaves. Sorting the tables is not possible. The table "January next year" is used to get an overview of the new year at the end of the year.

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Excel holiday planner Pro Download application for leave

Registration of absences straight into the monthly tables

The registration of absences is made directly in the calendar of each monthly tables of the employee. The shareware asks while in the first input box to the respective absence type and the user enters the code exactly in the prescribed notation. A second input box accepts the period of absence. Here no date, but only the number of days to be entered. The entries go within the year also on the month-end addition. For example, an absence of 7 days or more can be entered on the 28th of the month, which is then continued the following month.

Shareware version can be tried out for 30 days

Of the Leave and absenteeism planners Excel functions without any restrictions for 30 days. After that, the shareware can not be opened without an unlock code. Those looking for more tools for spreadsheets, will find in our extensive download offer.

Limitations of Excel Vacation Planner Pro

30 days trial