Watch Ever App

All the cooking shows and scripted reality formats that dominate the television program the private channels for some time, are not to everyone's taste. Video-on-demand services are an option for the bored audience, because here they can virtually select their program to their own taste itself. One of the best known supplier in this field in Germany Watch Ever. With the Watch Ever App can also go watch their favorite movies and favorite shows on your Android smartphone or tablet users.

Watch Ever App

The Watchever- "program" is very diverse. Subscribers can choose from more than 12,500 titles, including many series, as well as movies, documentaries, cartoons and comedy productions. The Watch Ever App is specifically designed for Android tablets. In just a few steps this is set up on the tablet or on your smartphone. That's how it's done:

Get Watch Ever app on your mobile phone

1&# 46; Download the app Watch Ever from our download area. 2&# 46; Start app and login with the Watch Ever credentials 3&# 46; Thousands series and movies are now available on the Android tablet or smartphone available.

Movies offline watching the VOD App Watch Ever

After installation, the films and series may at any time and are believed to from anywhere with the Android device to the taste of the mobile generation. The great thing about this: Even without an Internet connection the favorite movies can be watched anytime, anywhere. For this, the desired title must simply be loaded only in the offline mode. Up to 25 tracks can be saved offline on Android devices become. Furthermore, the user has 30 days to look at the contents before they are automatically deleted from memory.

Watch Ever App Series

Movie recommendations from friends and algorithms

Anyone who has seen "Halloween" or "zombies in a department store," is certainly pleased with more horror movie recommendations. Also because the makers of the Watch app Ever thought. The more shows, movies and actors you rated, the more precise the automatic recommendation system. Need more inspiration you can get from friends. Who logs in with the Watch Ever account to Facebook, for example, can explore the favorite films of his friends.

Stream Watch Ever App

The movie app, you can also use offline When and where it pleases the user, these are the advantages offered Watch Ever its customers as a provider of video-on-demand and Internet TV. The program of the party is very broad. Series fans will also get their money as movie fans. There are also a number of films and series in multilingual versions. Useful features such as the offline mode are also available.