Unlock without Facebook friends Candy Crush Level

Unlock without Facebook friends Candy Crush Level

If you want to new Candy Crush Level Unlock, you have to invest or ask his friends on Facebook then after the end of an episode either precious gold. Here’s the third way!

Since the publication of the Games four years ago, the Candy Crush Saga Download figures are record-breaking. The fascination with the now over 1000 levels overall game continues. After all, who has once embarked on the sugar-sweet game is difficult to get rid of it.

The secret version to unlock Candy Crush Level

Sure, even with a Free2Play title, the developers do not want to work at dry bread and water the next game, but also financially, or at least advertising technically reap the fruits of their labor. Those are the two official versions, with the new Gamer Candy Crush Level can unlock: either with money or by “harassing” his Facebook contacts with a request. But there is also the opportunity to unlock the next episode about three quests. To connect to the Facebook account has to be interrupted only. That’s in two ways:

  1. The easiest way is to interrupt the Internet connection. When you close the app and the mobile option to disable data in the settings. Following the game can be restarted.
  2. For this, the Start menu of Candy Crush Saga must be called in. Here you select the setting options behind the green cogs. In the window that now has to scroll all the way down and the Facebook option be chosen.

Play Quests: back in the game now the third option appears. Here three levels must be played to unlock the next episode.

Candy Crush Level Unlockto unlock Candy Crush Level The third variant," (Screenshot: King.com Ltd./Redaktion)

Disadvantage of this variant and how to avoid it

If you want to unlock so the next Candy Crush Level, there is a big drawback: Between the three to be completed quests are each 24 hours of waiting time. So players must therefore – even when they tackle immediately the tasks – wait at least two days for the new episode. To get around this, there is an old but effective trick: It adjusts the system time. While players get after resetting the clock to the correct time aufgebrummt a longer waiting time for new life, but can by regularly "To adjust" System time will be gradually reduced. And this is how it works:

  1. Candy Crush close
  2. select the date and time in the system settings under the menu item Options
  3. Disable Automatic Date and Time: The option
  4. Adjust the date and time in order to shorten the waiting time
  5. Open Candy Crush Saga and complete the quest

Candy Crush Level Unlock CheatSo the date can be adjusted by one day and the next quest will be unlocked. (Screenshot: Editorial)