Schoener TV app

Schoener TV app

TV on your Android smartphone or Android tablet – it’s really easy with the Schoener TV app. The application brings numerous German channels and some foreign channels to mobile devices. There is plenty of free Internet TV software for download, available for Android. One is the Schoener TV app. With the app you missed virtually no shipments – as long as you can keep at home or away an internet connection with a smartphone or tablet PC. A precondition for looking the favorite show with the Android app is that the program is broadcast in one of the many channels, because it is this is a streaming service, no library.

Schoener TV app

Schoener TV app streams more than 30 German channels

Among the Schoener from the TV app supported stations include the German free-TV channels ProSieben, Kabel 1, Tele 5 and Sat 1, as well as public broadcasters such as ARD and ZDF. Overall, the app provides access to more than 30 programs, including Sixx, N24, Viva, SRTL and RTL 2 and a number of non-English channels such as ORF 1, ORF 2, France2, France3 and BBC News.

Schoener TV App Flash

Reference to commencing shipments

In addition to the Android app is Schoener television as a web app. The streaming platform is operated by the Internet TV AG. A practical selection of all available services can be found within the Schoener TV app for Android smartphones and Android tablets at the right edge of the screen in the form of a list. By clicking, the app even indicate incipient favorite TV programs.

TV App displays traffic

On the right side you can see a station list, which contains all currently running programs. Thus, the user – similar to using a remote control – quickly change the program and switch to another station. Helpful, the traffic may be for one or the other viewers who are also displayed here. How long the current program still running, is also displayed.

Schoener TV app screenshot

In technical terms, it is in the Beautiful TV app as well as the web app Schoener television to a streaming service. Because the traffic when streaming content is very high, the use of the app, ideally via Wi-Fi is recommended. A prerequisite for use on Android devices also is the Adobe Flash Player. The stream runs on peer-to-peer basis and loads during the stream parallel data to other users high.

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