Phone Tracker Location Center 4 Free

Of the Phone Tracker Location Center Download transforms Windows machine into a control center for technology-based GMS mobile devices. The freeware requires an Internet connection and stores location messages in a database.

Phone Tracker Location Center Download stores location messages

Phone Tracker Location Center presents incoming messages location on a map and sets the spatial data in a database. All messages, the user can at any store and retrieve and filter them according to various criteria. From a plurality of position signals, a track history is generated and displayed in a map. The graphical representation of the speed profile gives a good overview of the travel and downtime. The freeware provides export features in common formats. Thus, the data for further processing in CSV format can be stored or saved in Google Earth compatible KML format.

Phone Tracker Location Center Download

Phone Tracker Locator PC as GPS transmitter

The software Locator PC contained in Phonetracker Location Center Download active as a GPS transmitter. It is installed on another PC, such as a netbook with mobile internet connectivity. Phone Tracker Locator PC processes the NMEA data of the connected GPS receiver and sends them every 30 seconds on the phone tracker server, which forwards the GPS data to Phonetracker Location Center.

retrieve position data with Phone Tracker Location Center

The operation is not too complicated. After the Phone Tracker Location Center Download the user copies the Phonetracker_Locator_PC.exe file to any folder. An installation is not necessary here. Now I connected to the GPS receiver and controls in the Control Panel assigned COM port to ensure that the GPS receiver data in NMEA format sends. After starting Phonetracker Locator PC’s COM port and, if the baud rate of the GPS receiver to choose from. In the tab NMEA data, the data can be seen that sends the GPS receiver. Under the column position information, however, the evaluable position data are displayed. Clicking on the button position opens a window in which the output from the GPS receiver location is shown on a map. Usable position data can also be seen on a green colored globe in the bottom toolbar.

Phone Tracker Location Center Download GPS Tool

Location connection between Center and Locator PC

To connect between Location Center and Locator PC, the user clicks on subscriber management and are under Phonetracker identifier, a hardware ID from the Phone Tracker Locator PC. Then you press Apply and OK. In addition to the free free version enhanced, paid version of the manufacturer is available with Phone Tracker Location Center Commercial. Who also is looking for a free route planner, will find in our extensive download offer.