Terasology likely avid Minecraft players appear more than known. The Java Game presents itself as something between homage and clone the hit game.

Terasology download as a free Minecraft clone

Accordingly, the games idea designed very similar compared to the model for Terasology. Here again, the player wanders through blöckige pixels landscapes and shaping it with a pickaxe, explosives and other tools suits him. However Terasology, which was also known under the name Block Mania, not to be regarded as a pure copy of the template. In terms of graphics and control, Terasology quite different from Minecraft. watch for that the freeware is currently still in an early stage of development. With errors so is quite likely. Who picks in the face of rather Original Minecraft, also takes this together Minecraftserver in our download offer. Free and a browser with the way Minecraft Classic is running.

Terasology ties as a Minecraft clone of the impressive block of the worlds great model what was achieved mainly in terms of looks. The worlds generated by Terasology succeeds it assured to impress the players.