AD 2000 B1 / B9 calculates various relevant values ​​for spherical and cylindrical pressure vessel. The ad-supported freeware, for example, determines the maximum permissible pressure load and other numbers on the basis of the rules AD 2000. In the simply held surface AD ​​2000 provides B1 / B9 data fields for detecting all values ​​included in the calculation sheets B1 and B2. These include, for example, nozzle angle or maximum allowable diameter unreinforced holes. By means of a so-called plausibility check takes AD 2000 B1 / B9 in addition, the accuracy of the calculations after. The calculations can be printed as well as save and load again, so that the machine can act as a simple helper to manage the project data.

Limitations of AD 2000 B1 / B9

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