Basketball Championship 2017 Schedule

Basketball Championship 2017 Schedule

the official Basketball Championship 2017 Schedule Download presented on a single page in pdf format the complete schedule of all group matches with the day and time and the schedule of matches from the knockout stages through to the final.

Basketball Championship 2017 Schedule Download in PDF format

The European Basketball Championship 2017, the men found as the 40th edition of this competition from 31 August to 17 September 2017 in Finland, Israel, Romania and Turkey instead and therefore that, as the last European Championship tournament in 2015 in four countries. After the preliminary round of the tournament, the final round will be played in K.O. system in Istanbul.

Basketball Championship 2017 Schedule DownloadThe European Basketball Championship 2017 Schedule download is clearly in PDF format available (Photo: FIBA ​​Europe / Editorial)

The officially "Euro Basket 2017" was called Basketball Event of the best European teams so far held every two years and is organized by the European Basketball Federation FIBA. In future, the European Basketball Championship will be held every four years ..

The EM starts in four groups in Cluj-Napoca, Helsinki, Tel Aviv and Istanbul

The European Basketball Championship 2017 Schedule reveals that the games in Groups A to D in Cluj-Napoca (Sala Polivalenta), Helsinki (Hartwall Arena), Tel Aviv (Menora Mivtachim Arena) and Istanbul (Fenerbahçe Arena) will be shown and the Final round in the knockout system in the Sinan Erdem Dome in Istanbul also.

The 24 participating teams in the Basketball Championship 2017

The following teams have qualified for the European Championships in Spain, Lithuania, Finland, Israel, Romania, Turkey, France, Serbia, Greece, Italy, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Croatia, Belgium, Germany, Russia, Poland, Slovenia, Georgia, Hungary, Iceland , Ukraine, United Kingdom and Montenegro

Germany plays first against Lithuania, Italy, Israel, Georgia and Ukraine

As defending champion in the Euro Basket 2017 Spain goes into the race. The German national basketball team will compete in the preliminary round Group B against Lithuania, Italy, Israel, Georgia and Ukraine. Opening opponent is the team from Ukraine. Since four of the six teams in a group come on, reaching the knockout round should pose few problems, even if the German team does not count the top favorites for the title.

As a candidate for the European victory especially Spain, Lithuania and France are traded. At the last European Basketball Championship Germany resigned from already in the preliminary round. This time National Coach Chris Fleming Dennis Schroeder, Paul Zipser, Johannes Voigtmann, Tibor Pleiß and Maodo Lo has a lot of talent and experience in the team and it will be interesting how far the German selection will come in the tournament at the European Championships 2017th

The mode of the European Basketball Championship in 2017 from the preliminary round to the finals

To the mode of the European Basketball Championship 2017: The tournament is divided into a preliminary round stage with four groups of six teams and a final round of qualifying matches. So the 24 qualified teams will play in the preliminary groups each against all. Who wins a game, two points, the loser gets one point. The top four teams in each group qualify for the knockout stages.

If two teams are tied, the comparison of the direct encounters will be considered. From the second round, the tournament will be played in all-in-system until the final. It will be held no classification matches for the losers of the qualifying matches. The European participants of the World Basketball Championship in 2019 to determine their own future qualifiers.

Where there is a European Basketball Championship 2017 live stream?

Those who want to follow the European Basketball Championship in 2017 on television, at the European Basketball Championship 2017 Schedule brings download, to not miss anything. Unfortunately the tournament is not transmitted from the public broadcasters ARD and ZDF., But only via the TV channel Sport Telekom over EntertainTV. Here are all group matches of the German basketball teams. About Telekom sport there is also a free Basketball Championship 2017 live stream. In addition to the European Basketball Championship schedule, there are other sports software for free download in our comprehensive software offering.