Greetings on Mother’s Day: Texts to send remotely

Every year, on the second Sunday in May, motherhood is celebrated. For all the sons and daughters who can pay homage on this day the female heads of household personally, we have the best Greetings on Mother's Day compiled. The texts can be sent by SMS, email or WhatsApp remotely easy. Here you can the necessary current version of WhatsApp for free download and install on the smartphone.

Greetings on Mother's Day: The best texts for sending from afar

Elaborate greeting cards for Mothers are often very time-consuming or cost a nice chunk of money. That must not be! Especially homemade gifts arrive always well received by the recipient as a rule, especially on mother. rather, when homemade gifts in general, or - - For homemade Mother's Day gifts is not utility or artistic-aesthetic criticism in the foreground, but the fact that it has taken for the recipient time, these gifts makes it so valuable.

Greetings on Mother's Day

send texts with Mother's Day greetings from the heart from a distance

The greetings for Mother's Day from a distance must therefore not necessarily come from philosophers, famous poets and writers. Brevity is the soul of wit. Not infrequently touched a short and humorous saying 1,000 times more than the most profound and deadly serious confessions. This is also true for the sayings, poems and greetings for Mother's Day.

Send text on Mother's Day with images via WhatsApp

The short texts you can easily send it via SMS or even better via WhatsApp. Sent to the greetings via WhatsApp, one can also enhance the text on Mother's Day with little effort with a picture you simply sent immediately before or after the Mother's Day greetings. Whether one, sent a selfie of himself along with his mother, siblings, grandmother or a flower picture does not really matter, because also applies here: Homemade going on.

Greetings and short texts on Mother's Day

Brevity is the soul of wit. It does not always have to be Goethe or Shakespeare. Also on these texts - you read it with the right attitude and a wink between the lines - to mothers happy:

  • This rose is for you to tell you: THINKING OF YOU! Greetings on Mother's Day!

  • The Mother's Day is the best day to tell the loved ones, how much you have it.

  • For Mother's Day we wish you, dear mom, a beautiful day without stress and worry! Stay as you are!

  • Good things are rare, so you exist even once! Much love for Mother's day!

  • Only a mother knows alone, which is to love and be happy. Dear Mommy, you're everything to us! Happy Mothers's Day!

  • A motherless child is a flower without rain.

  • The best thing about me, I've got it from her.

  • It has no more important allies in this world than his mother.

* Short and sweet, honest clear: Mother, you're wonderful!