The French company Blablacar is launching with 20 million members the largest platform for journeys in Germany. With the free Blablacar app can be mobile and Europe are looking for drivers or passengers and see. Although currently the remote buses lure with dumping prices, lifts are another attractive alternative to trains and private cars. They are not only inexpensive and ecologically, but also offer trips to places or times that cover neither bus nor train.

The Blablacar app for riders

With Blablacar for Android can easily find rides to the dream destination. Simply enter after the registration of the departure and destination, select the date, and select from the options the appropriate drive. To book the selected drive, the driver can optionally be called or be contacted by direct message within the Blablacar app. Before booking the app provides the function to take a closer look to the driver's profile. recognize leave reviews by previous riders how reliable the driver.

The Blablacar app for drivers

With rising fuel prices every car owner should now ask if it is not worthwhile to make the available seats for passengers available. With Blablacar for Android contacting potential passengers is incredibly simple. After registering and creating a profile entering the route and the time of departure take place. The Blablacar app suggests a reasonable fare and have the ride of prospects can be found. Via call or direct message can book directly from the app the offered ride interested passengers. is for cash while driving or after arrival at the destination.

Blablacar app

Security through profiles, reviews and experience levels

Blablacar sees itself as a community founded on mutual trust. However, control is sometimes better - who would want to spend with a stranger for several hours in a car. To ensure safety, all drivers will be verified by e-mail address and mobile phone number. But the users of Blablacar next to it a whole range of other options available to pre-screen, with whom one there actually driving. For passengers are most relevant to the Blablacar experience levels. These consist of the completeness of the profile, the number of positive and negative reviews and duration of the membership. For drivers and passengers alike are revealing the profiles of registered members. They reveal next to the profile picture, whether the (co-) driver is smoking or Non smoking if there are pet allergies - and if allowed to ride animals at all, how talkative the other person is or what kind of music is preferred.