CD covers and DVD Cover Download with e-mix

The e-mix Cover Downloader is a convenient tool to download entire collections of DVD and CD Cases with a few clicks.

A Cover Downloader - What for?

It happens once that is lost, a cover of a course originally purchased CD or DVD or damaged. Or recorded in the TV film is to be provided with a beautiful shell to not plain to stand between the original DVDs. downloaded well, or perhaps you simply hundreds of albums and finally want to have beautiful covers for it, and if they should be displayed only during playback in Media Player) Then the e-mix Cover Downloader just the right application. The CD cover Download is a very simple process:

Select Music and Movies

e-mix-cover-downloader_suche First, the desired music is selected. This is done either by selecting files, folders or database entries of various nature. If we choose all the music folder (CD Cover download) or Movies folder (DVD Cover Download) from the search, so e-mix scans the entire folder and lists the found albums or movies on first. The meta information (ID tags, etc.) of the found tracks and albums can then still be adjusted manually.

download Covers

e-mix-cover-downloader_gefunden Now you can choose to have all of the required booklets or individual to be loaded and from where. There is a choice between Amazon portals on different continents, which has the advantage to have access to different versions of the covers. For perhaps the heck, here are the Asian original cover be. The deposits can be in the preview: single and store, or you can by "Get All Covers" all just suck album covers that are available. These are then stored in the folder with the music or the movie.e-mix-cover-downloader_got-covers In our tests, the least good 95% of the desired music covers were also Underground Mucke was surprisingly made unerringly identified.


Practically. Fast. Stress-free. Just to catch up to a few years, during which there was a failure to always pay attention to the proper cases, the e-mix Cover Downloader is perfect. He harbors no frills, but it does exactly what it should, and fast and relatively reliable with a high hit rate.