workflow Manager

To help you keep your business processes under control! With the Workflow Manager new times ahead: At last an affordable and powerful software available on the market that allows small and medium-sized companies and organizations in a simple and convenient way to map workflows and work through. The most important features at a glance: • Cost-effective and efficient creation, execution and analysis of enterprise-wide workflow. • The flexible data model the mapping of all business structures allows. • It is a simple master data management exists as a database. • With workflow templates recurring processes can be adjusted - similar to document templates word processing. • Transparent rights system with issuance allows the assignment of authorizations - enterprise-wide, user-fine. • Scope Empire reporting module for the issue and analysis of workflows, activities and master data. Output to printer, PDF document and Excel export. • Multi-user version with flexible licensing concept. As a database fast database management systems that get no speed problems even with large amounts of data are used. • The optional notification system provides as a service for automatic notification of remote workers, Lieferante customers. • Runs under Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista. The database can be made between Firebird and MS SQL.

Limitations of Workflow Manager

Number of users: 1 no mail functionality otherwise full functionality!