Of the YoWindow download equips the PC with a sophisticated weather forecast. In addition to the simple display the current weather and the forecast for the coming days, the freeware the weather is in a landscape.

Send weather forecast with YoWindow Download

As the sun rises in YoWindow when it "in real" does. Per timeline, users get information about the predicted weather at a particular time of day - per calendar navigating through the forecast for the next few days. The landscape shown can be replaced by their own recordings by the way. Thus, for example, YoWindow weather is, as you would see from their own windows - that's chic!

In addition, the weather expert allows the integration of several places, but however, the Unlimited version is due. How is the weather at the destination of the Sunday bike ride at 15.30? A few clicks and YoWindow displays it visually. In detail forecasts for temperature, weather conditions, air pressure, humidity and wind chill and wind speed are available. On the monitor provides YoWindow then about raindrops and quickly passing through the Clouds. The latest version now includes a history function, with which you can make happen the weather of recent days Revue.

YoWindow download

YoWindow is aimed at all those who are tired of normal weather display on the desktop, thus making even fun - even on rainy days. The free version is limited while on an animated background and shortens the period of prediction from nine to three days. But one still binds the freeware as a screen saver - handy!

Limitations of YoWindow

Just a place in the free version. A maximum of three day forecast.

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