PDF To Excel Converter 2.0

The PDF To Excel Converter bring PDF documents into the Office format Excel XLS. The converter works on the Drag&Drop principle; and converts to request multiple files at one fell swoop from PDF to XLS.

PDF To Excel Converter download to convert PDF to XLS

The English-language interface for the user after PDF To Excel Converter Download held largely self-explanatory. To convert PDF files pulling drag&Drop; or by selecting the menu in the program view. Of the PDF converter converts to specification either individual pages, ranges of pages or the entire document to Excel format. In PDF documents existing numerical tables and other values ​​can be followed by any further processing in Excel.

PDF To Excel Converter Download

Select individual PDF files or entire folders

Either the user first selects individual files from or gives to a folder where your own PDF documents are that need to convert it. In this case, the PDF To Excel Converter takes care of all the directory-present PDFs and turns them into XLS files. Every time individual PDF documents can also be removed from the list again. For this you mark selected entries and click on the menu bar on the red cross.

PDF To Excel Converter download selection

The output folder can be freely determined

The output folder can be customized by clicking on Browse at will under Output Folder. By default set here is the C: \ OUTPUT. In the footer of the progress in converting percentage is displayed. Converting runs pretty fast after you click the Start button Converting Now. Who converts a single document, will have this quickly in Excel format at hand. However, if an entire list to be processed at a PDF document, the progress indicator is quite useful.

Test version of the PDF converter converts only the first page to

The settings of PDF To Excel Converter are quite lean. Under Settings, there is only a single option, switching on and off the notification sounds to of completed conversion of a PDF document. In the full version, the user may specify exactly what pages of the PDF file are provided for the conversion. This is not possible in the trial. Here, the PDF Converter converts each exclusively to the first page of a document. More PDF tools are available for free download.

PDF To Excel Converter Download Settings

convert PDF content in Excel spreadsheets With PDF To Excel Converter Download process users in PDF documents stored information quickly and easily in Excel continues. Practical: The converter is no separate MS Excel pre-installed, so that OpenOffice users can use the converter easily.

Limitations of PDF To Excel Converter 2.0

The trial version converts only the first page of the PDF documents.