Surf-Sitter PC protect children from the dangers of the Internet. Parental Control blocks access to websites that are unsuitable for adolescents, especially sites with pornographic, violent and other inappropriate content. Surf-Sitter PC offers five prefabricated profiles, staggered determine the degree of filtering by age. The Surf rooms so-called optional display only content suitable for children under 6, 12, or aged 16 or over 18 years. Another filter shows all content, except for those that are classified by the laboratory BPjM be unsuitable for young people. All profiles work with blacklists or whitelists. Youth dangerous websites end hike on a blacklist, can not access the children. All profiles can be manually adjusted to your needs. The parental control surfing Sitter PC parents get a useful tool in the hand with which access to the Internet can be adjusted for children. Actual: Also, access to social networks like Facebook can regulate with the sitter.

Limitations of Surf-Sitter PC

30 day trial, the basic protection is maintained after the expiry.