In the new versions of Windows, a lock-screen welcomes the user after the start. Since version 8 it exists, and version 10 is equipped with it. Anyone who bothers to the intermediate step, the can Disable Windows 10 lock screen. Simply follow these instructions!

After downloading Windows 10, there are a number of defaults, not always necessarily meet the favor of users. The lock screen, for example: it turns off automatically after a time, and is displayed in front of the screen where the user password or PIN to enter, to return to the desktop. For many, the only unnecessary extra step before the input mask. Because the screen has to be clicked away or wiped with touch screens. In addition, advertising is there may be displayed.

Disable Windows 10 lock screen

Windows 10 lock screen clear in Pro and Home

Removing the lock-screens could be done differently in the versions Home and Pro, and the version number to the version number there were differences up to the Anniversary Update. Since Anniversary Update, this has changed, however, Microsoft has the previous method disabled. Instead, the lock screen now needs to be disabled through the Task Scheduler. but the old guide, we depend including on still (for users who have not installed the update AnniversaryEditor's Choice: This should be made up)!

Disable the lock screen with the Task Scheduler

Who installed the Anniversary Update, must proceed to disable the lockscreen as follows:

  1. open the Start menu and type Task Scheduler. click on the appropriate entry.
  2. Run create a right click on task.
  3. It opens a window. In the General tab, now a top name must be entered, such as "Disable lock screen".
  4. Now in need with highest privileges to run bottom of the window still check marks.
  5. is the drop-down menu at the bottom when configuring for Windows 10 selected.
  6. switch to the tab trigger and read our new ....
  7. Start up the drop-down menu next task to select entry For registration and OK to confirm.
  8. Repeat step 7, but now select the drop-down menu When workstation lock.
  9. Go Actions tab and click New ....
  10. Under Program / Script "Reg" type. Add next to the entry * arguments (optional) The following shall be entered: add HKLM \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Authentication \ LogonUI \ Session Data / t REG_DWORD / v AllowLockScreen / d 0 / f
  11. Click OK twice and restart Windows 10th

If the Windows PC now extended period of time left until it locks itself or locked manually with Windows + L, appears directly the login screen, the lock screen stays away.

Deactivating the lock screen in Windows 10 Pro

Until Anniversary Update you were 10 Pro will be able to use the Group Policy in Windows. This one comes around it, to intervene in the registry. But that only worked to Windows 10 in 1511! The following steps are necessary:

Windows 10 Lock screen disable Run window

  1. First, the execution window is opened by pressing the key combination Win + R.
  2. In the small window you are gpedit.msc to open the local Group Policy. Alternatively, you can also enter gpedit.msc in the taskbar, then select Group Policy to edit.
  3. In Group Policy, the following path to the destination folder navigate: Administrative Templates / Control Panel / adaptation.
  4. On the right side is now the option lock screen is not be displayed. At this point double make and selecting the Enabled setting to disable the Windows 10 lock screen. Confirm with OK, done.
  5. To display the lock screen again, disabling is simply selected.

Windows 10 Lock screen disable group policies

Windows 10 Lock screen disable the Home Version

In the Home version you had to go through the registry to disable the Windows 10 Lock screen, since there are no group policies in this release.

Windows 10 Lock screen disable Registry

  1. First, the Run window will open with the key combination Win + R again.
  2. There you wear regedit and the Registry Editor appears.
  3. On the left side you now click over the following path to the folder: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / SOFTWARE / Policies / Microsoft / Windows.
  4. If no key named Personalization is discoverable under the Windows folder, it must be re-created. For this, right-click on Windows operating under New select the option key and name with Personalization.
  5. Now the newly created key, and then click in the right pane, right-click. Select About New now DWORD (32-bit) and assign the name NoLockScreen.
  6. In the penultimate step of NoLockScreen is opened with a double click and the value 0 is replaced by a first To make the whole thing reversed, simply re-enter the 0th
  7. Then at the end, the system must be restarted. The lockscreen no longer appears.

NoLockScreen disable lock screen Windows 10