Comodo Icedragon promises safer roaming through the World Wide Web. The free internet browser includes this takes a so-called Site Inspector, among other things, the Web sites and malicious code back under the microscope. In addition, Comodo Icedragon redirects the entire data traffic while surfing on request via the own DNS server of the manufacturer, which brings several advantages, according to its specifications. On the one hand pages are accessed more quickly, on the other hand, Comodo seventh harmful known web presence and warns if such is surfing. Ex works also found in Comodo Icedragon a button, with the press pages on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn or via Twitter can be shared. Since the Ice Dragon, in contrast to his relative Comodo Dragon Internet Browser does not touch Google Chrome, but on browser, it shows up according to the manufacturer compatible with all plugins. In addition, the use of alternative surfboard should thus pose no significant problems. After installing Comodo Icedragon has incidentally on an English-language user interface. Via Plugin of the provider, the browser can but equipped with a German translation. In addition, he acts after proper installation on portable manner.