at Sky disorders presents the AlleStörungen download the Sky customers useful information about currently existing failures and maintenance work at the popular provider of pay-TV. The user can also get quick and easy interesting real-time analysis. We show how the Sky disorders recognized by the user, reported and can be observed. learn more now!

Sky disorders: Current information on all failures and maintenance

Sky Germany provides even after all some information to help you troubleshoot problems. The user enters in problem solving and troubleshooting first area in which he has problems, so for example, Advance Notice on TV, operation, Television Static, sound interference, reception or settings. If picture interference exists, the user is bordered to the following, the problem closer one: Missing the picture entirely? If it comes to blocking and film judder? If the picture is tinted or black / white? Or is the image distorted and cut off at the edges?

Sky disordersWhat to do with Sky faults and failures? (Picture: Sky / Editorial)

For every problem Sky shows a few specific tips and instructions on how the Sky disturbance persists. Those in search of solutions to technical faults on the TV or receiver, place it here.

Where not work Sky?

Is Sky down? If you have problems in achieving Sky or one of the related services, questioned the All faults Web App. This provides via this link details about the Sky disorders and displays the most recent occurred failures and maintenance work of the last 24 hours graphically quite clearly. At a glance what extent it can be seen in this way, have the current Sky failures and the regions in which Sky customers are affected mainly.

Sky Shooting SurveyGood overview of the Sky failures that have occurred in the last 24 hours (Image: editorial)

Report Sky failures and scope & observe duration of problems

even those cities are here listed, in which accrues most error messages. With the fault overview, the user can judge quite well the extent and duration of current Sky problems. Those who want this, can the Sky report on the disturbance app itself failures and problems and help ensure that other users will receive information on this subject. Simply click the button "I have a problem with Sky" Click and specify whether the problems in the fields of television, Sky Go, Sky snap or lie website.

read helpful comments of other Sky customers

Regional problems and maintenance of user a live clutter map can be found. With the Plus button in the map, the map can zoom in as you wish. Other helpful information includes the overview of the already resolved Sky disorders and what other Sky customers to the current problems. In this way, one can very well share problems and possible solutions with other fellow sufferers of current Sky.

Sky Shooting Fault MapLive Disorder card with the most affected by the Sky disorders Regions (Picture: editorial)