At the Password Safe and Repository Personal Edition Download is it a convenient solution for managing passwords and TAN-block. Thus, the user will never forget a password or betray it by writing.

Password Safe and Repository Personal Edition Download with password-protected database

Password Safe performs a password-protected database of your own credentials. One has to remember only one master password to have immediate access to the secret data. After installation, the user creates a user name and password, after which Password Safe generates the database in which can be save as many records from name, password and freely be formatted comments. The database is encrypted with a master password.

The user can choose whether he wants to see the actual password while displaying the password list or not. So the password can simply copy it to the clipboard and paste it into an application without ever revealing the password itself. The integrated and comfortable TAN management offers the possibility of importing an OCR scanner software. A painstakingly type of TANs is a thing of the past. One of the many features of Password Safe is the option of entering a password automatically in an assigned program as soon as it is launched. Even Internet sites are supported.

Password Safe and Repository Personal Edition Download