Live Mail Backup

Of the Live Mail Backup Download saves the user settings of the mail program from Microsoft. File Vault takes his work at the request timed and protects the sensitive data using a 256-bit AES encryption.

Live Mail Backup Download as backup for Windows Live Mail

In his records Live Mail Backup takes in addition to the e-mails as well as all such settings made with on. These include, for example, the account information for the mail accounts and personal options. Conveniently, the user places the backups up on request to external storage devices such as FTP servers or USB sticks.

These features and cross-platform records the transfer of the Windows Live Mail settings for new or updated PCs into child's play. Also Live Mail Backup as such can be ported as a portable version to removable media and make as transportable.

Live Mail Backup Download

Limitations of Live Mail Backup

The trial version only created a demo backup.