The Wire Stream: all 5 seasons online to see!

The Wire Stream: all 5 seasons online to see!

Of the The Wire Stream provides for five seasons and 60 episodes a very real and unvarnished drama series about crime, police work, politics, education and the media. We show where The Wire can be seen online and whether The Wire stream is available through Netflix with the Netflix app, or another film flat rate. Here now to find out more about the exciting adventures in the metropolis crime Baltimore!

The Wire Stream: Best television series of all time?

Scene of the television series The Wire is Baltimore in the State of Maryland in the United States. The 2002 to 2008 produced by the pay-TV channel HBO TV series was developed by former police reporter David Simon and describes the reality of the US city with escalating crime and drug trafficking from the perspective of police officers, drug addicts, teachers, politicians and journalists. Each of the five seasons The Wire treated using a different aspect and different problems of the city from the perspective of the Baltimore Police Department and the criminal counterparts.

The Wire StreamThe Wire stream as realistic and complex drama series

It is in The Wire is a very realistic series that reaped especially among critics high praise as social, economic and political issues to be addressed with much more depth than in most other crime series. Especially in developing complex characters and complex plot lines a particularly great importance was attached. The Wire wude therefore even referred to often as the best television series of all time. The name of the series is derived from the systematic wiretapping of the telephones of suspects.

The Wire Season 1 describes drug trafficking on the street

In The Wire Season 1 still almost everything revolves around the drug trade in the street, while the The Wire Season 2 continues the dock work as a priority, and The Wire Season 3 puts the policy into focus. The The Wire Season 4 focuses on the school system and The Wire Season 5 on the world of media. The The Wire Season 5 ended in the US on HBO in March 2008, the great chagrin of fans that the continuation in The Wire Season 6 very wanted. In Germany, the pay-TV channel FOX Channel secured the broadcast rights and showed that The Wire Season 1 to 5 September 2008 to June 2010.

The The Wire stream there are Amazon Video, max cathedrals, iTunes and Videoload

The Wire The stream is available in the video-on-demand providers Amazon Video, max cathedrals, iTunes and video load. The Wire online there are charged with all five seasons. Unfortunately, the Wire Stream is not to have within a film flat rate. Just Netflix customers are very sorry that the high-quality TV series The Wire is not on Netflix are available.