Minecraft gets icy continent: Antarctica

Minecraft gets icy continent: Antarctica

For Minecraft now Gibt’s finally the ice continent: Antarctica. Researcher Martin O’Leary built him. Is the world of ice available? Find out here! Actually had the huge Minecraft world already as good as anything could ask the Minecraftler Heart: High and zerkl├╝ftetet mountains, deep gorges and forests, endless plains and tropical jungle, hot desert landscapes or vast oceans. But a scenario was missing: the ice. Researcher Martin O’Leary has now filled this gap and Antarctica scale reproductions. Who has now got the desire to sandbox game, given the available Eiskontinents is forwarded here to free download Minecraft. Minecraft icy continent Antarctica

Antarctica: The Minecraft replica of Eiskontinents

The replica of the Antarctic has not been copied by just any gamer. It was built by someone who knows exactly what it’s like. The British researcher Martin O’Leary is quasi expert on ice and glaciers. The researcher does in his “normal” life that is otherwise: At the University of Swansea he builds for computer models of ice formations that are found in Greenland and even Antarctica. Since he is very passionate also happens Minecraft fan, he has dedicated to the reproduction of “Antarctica”. Minecraft ice continent Antarkits replica

Large scale of Minecraft Antarctica

The researchers O’Leary has modeled the ice desert of the continent lies at the South Pole in a very large scale. So see Minecraftler the new world of glaciers and ice in a scale of 1: 1000th The decision for this large scale was less driven content, but rather due to technical limitations not otherwise possible. So the computer of the researcher was just reached its maximum output. Unfortunately, due to this replica no animals are present. On display there are, among other things, the research station Rothera, which can be found on Adelaide Island. In addition, the Minecraft gamers can explore the impressive Beardmore Glacier, one of the largest valley glaciers worldwide. Also in terms of the height scale, the researchers had to remove a little more of the real Antarctica. To represent not only a white surface in the Minecraft replica at the end, he had to screw it to the height profile. He has increased the height scale tenfold. Who wants to expand its Minecraft universe around a icy continent, Antarctica can download on this page.

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