IBAN calculator

IBAN calculator

The IBAN calculator helps users to identify their account number according to the International Code IBAN. With the free Web app you can find out in no time, as the world's number one valid checking account is.

calculated with the IBAN calculator download new account number and sort code

By IBAN calculator Download the user has a fast and reliable calculator on hand with which one determined via bank routing number and account number, the IBAN associated with lightning speed can. The free IBAN calculator requires only little information to calculate the new account number. It is sufficient to indicate the country of origin of the account and the local account number and bank code. Once the web app calculates the needed for the European SEPA system and other international bank transfers IBAN number.

IBAN Calculator Download

Loyally domestic and international transfers

Bank customers recently have to get used to: With the introduction of the new SEPA credit transfers and the Single European Payments Area in the EU Member States other data are used both in domestic and in foreign transfers. New are the IBAN (International Bank Account Number) as an international account number and BIC (Bank Identifier Code) As assigned by SWIFT and therefore often also called Swift code international bank.

The new IBAN notation is long and complicated

Meanwhile, the use of the IBAN for transfers in Europe has been made mandatory. However, it does not come easily to many people, instead of using the old account number, the new IBAN for transfers because the new number quite long and complex is. Fortunately, the IBAN is computer download a helping hand, the operation turns out to be fairly straightforward.

The IBAN calculator also provides a sort code search

First, the user selects the country in which the account is held and thereafter a routing number of the bank. Who has not at hand, the bank code, bring them by Sort code search in experience. Now the users of the WebApp tells his account number. He must be careful that a possible sub-account number. must also be specified. The account number must not itself a "0" begin. From the account number "098765432" by omission of the leading "0" and appending the sub-account number. "0" The account number "987654320", calculate with a click of the computer spits out IBAN IBAN determined from the entered data and also shows the same required to fill out a euro transfer international bank code BIC.

Check IBAN or account number for validity

Useful is the additional way to check an IBAN. For this purpose, the user enters an arbitrary number without any spaces. Since the codes are standardized internationally, these can check for accuracy because of their length and their structure in order to avoid errors in transfers. The IBAN check can naturally provide only information on whether the entered IBAN meets the applicable conventions and the checksum is correct, but not if the IBAN actually exists. More financial calculators are available in our software catalog for free download.

IBAN Calculator Download bank account

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