calculate and Pokémon GO IV find the strongest Pokémon

The calculate Pokemon GO IV find and the strongest Pokémon: The Secret IV value reveals which Pokémon are really strong. We show how gamers recognize quickly and easily, which can make that Pokémon. learn everything about the Pokémon GO individual values ​​and level up the best Pokémon!

calculate and Pokémon GO IV find the strongest Pokémon

Many players are wondering after the Pokémon Go app download, which is the strongest Pokémon. To answer this question correctly, all values ​​must be included. Every gamer knows the three basic values ​​for attack, defense and stamina, which can be seen in the Pokedex with every one of the little monsters. However, there are also other values ​​than "individual Values" short "IV" are called.

Whereas the standard values ​​for attack, defense and stamina at a certain Pokémon are identical, the IV values ​​can vary considerably. With an IV calculator they can be calculated in a straightforward manner. It tells advanced Pokémon players that caught the Pokémon has the best prospects to come to the top.

calculate Pokemon GO IVcalculate with the IV Calculator secret Pokemon GO Individual Values. (Picture: Poké Assistant / Editorial)

Rapid determination of Pokémon GO Individual Values

Every single Pokémon has a specific IV value that initially has no meaning, but is important in the higher rounds and advanced Pokémon hunters and trainers. The individual value and its three bonus values ​​are not to be found in the app itself. There is also no connection with size or weight of the Pokémon. The determination of the Pokémon GO Individual Values ​​is useful to decide, for example, for which their own Pokémon gamers should buy as much stardust and candies to exhaust the power-ups.

Individual Values ​​as a triple surcharge between 0 and 15

The Pokemon GO Individual values ​​can also be referred to as an additive between 0 and 15 to the base values. This low-acting genetic differences are quite significant. They are disclosed, for example in the form 12/11/14. Those who come in all three areas to 15 bonus points, has reached as Pokémon the highest possible strength.

Pokemon GO IV calculate the IV calculator of Poke Assistant

How does the Pokémon GO IV calculate exactly? Helping hand is the IV Calculator of Poké Assistant. Thanks to this small tools, the player does not have to worry about the complex formula that is of competition points (WP), power points (KP) and stardust costs calculated. A percentage indicates after entering the WP, KP and stardust cost of a Pokémon IV Calculator, is how close a Pokémon to the perfect 100 percent.

The IV computer is only in the higher level of importance

In the lower levels of the IV value of the Pokémon is not really relevant. Only starting from level 15 to 20, it pays to check with the IV calculator which Pokémon should be strengthened, especially with power-ups. About the Pokémon GO Individual Values ​​of gamers can choose the stronger Pokémon. Additionally, those who would like to arrange his Pokémon to strength, IV value should retain the strength and type of primary and secondary attacks in the eye next to the Pokémon.