Unlock root

Of the UnlockRoot download dismisses Android smartphones and tablets to freedom. The freeware granted owners of such mobiles root access to their device, which offers more options than the factory state.

Root access to the UnlockRoot Download

So from rooted android for example, apps can delete, does not allow the uninstall Google out more selfish reasons. In addition, you reach for a successful UnlockRoot use on app platforms off the Google Play store or operates its mobile device under alternative versions of Android than the official. Also Android updates that are not provided by network operator, can be installed with UnlockRoot after rooting - but with the loss not previously saved personal data.

Compared to some other tool of its genre of free helper does the job also with a few clicks and makes this process even reversed. are supported for it in the present here free version only Android 2.2 and 2.3 as well as 4.0 to 4:03. Who Runs under different versions of the operating system to be Mobile needs, alternatively resort to the retail version of UnlockRoot or Android Root tool.

UnlockRoot download