Guitar Pro

Guitar Pro equips the home PC with a tablature editor for guitar, banjo and bass. Compositions plays the guitar with an integrated professional from diverse guitar simulations - including Amp, FX and all the trimmings. Guitar Pro is designed for beginners and advanced students and serves as a coach, accompanying chapel and composition help. The new version is komfirtabel, concise and offers a range of functions that would go beyond the scope of this clear. is composed of a wide variety of acoustic and electric guitar as well as various types of bass simulations. Stylistically prefabricated sentiments are hardly any limits by the large selection. This flexibility is complemented by integrated virtual effects of tube amp and several tops to overdrive and delay - if not the main focus of Guitar Pro 6 is on the effect section. There effects specialists who perform much better, such as Guitar Rig. The focus of the guitar software is clearly on the notation, and here Guitar Pro definitely offers a broad s range of services. Due to the widespread use and the various supported standards numerous inspiration aids and complete scores available in the Internet also, which are integrated with a few clicks for further processing in the application. Whether to quickly create an appropriate accompaniment, composing or just to tune the guitar, - the shareware Guitar Pro is flexible, competent and scores now even with a good user interface. For beginners recommended only for professionals a relatively favorable and productive alternative.

Limitations of Guitar Pro

Opens only included projects not store Restricted Import / Export Limited instrument selection