C-MOR video monitor VM

With a C-Mor video surveillance VM Download the user can easily and conveniently monitor his home or his business with one or two cameras. This, however, virtualization software is required, such as VMWare Player or VirtualBox.

The download of C-Mor video surveillance VM is a little more complicated

The freeware comes as an ISO zip file on the computer, making installation in the virtual machine more complex. In order to create this but even without computer knowledge, the manufacturer installation instructions for each operating system on its side ready. Experienced users but no problems with the provided here download will have. Other webcams free to download it here.

C-Mor video surveillance VM Download

Simplest security monitoring with C-Mor video monitor VM

Simple video surveillance of your own house, their own home or own business could not be: With a download of C-Mor video surveillance VM gets the owner of all unnatural movements which hold up to two cameras, reported immediately. This is done when needed as notification via mobile phone. is also convenient that the software is compatible not only with the PC, but can also be controlled using a smartphone or tablet. The user can have be on the move and always keep good eye. Hence the name of the tool is: C-Mor is homophonic to English "See more" which means as "Behold more",

Overview is very important to the webcam software

Clearly, tidy and clearly structured way, C-Mor video surveillance VM presents. Side by side lined up the user sees the images of his different cameras and under are more individual information such as time and shooting angle. A simple mouse click, the user can also display only one camera in order to devote the details better.

C-Mor video surveillance camera VM Download

The handling of this Webcam Tools is thus really simple little introduction, so that even beginners and newcomers master the operation quickly in the world of technology. Only the installation and connection between software and camera could be somewhat problematic for beginners.

Limitations of C-MOR video monitor VM

The free version can play recordings back 24 hours. Compared to the appliance, there is no FTP upload.

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