Holiday planner

Holiday planner combines the functions of a holiday and layer planner for working professionals. The freeware provides annual calendars for holidays, holidays, work and sick leave in an Excel spreadsheet. Holiday planner needs a spreadsheet such as Microsoft Excel 2010 or later to display the overview. Despite largely self-explanatory operation of the free helper brings a little tutorial for the first application. Here, tips and notes on individual fields are displayed. All operating functions can be reached via clicking the right mouse button. The free vacation planner is the planning of working days with different coating systems cope. Important here is that the layer blocks should be designed in the rhythm of 28 days, for example for a 2-2-3 system, 21 + 7 system, 2x14 system or 4x7 system. The route planner created ahead to request plans for any number of years. The planner manages in the overview of all the remaining holiday, outdoor or sick days. On request, the freeware displays all legal German holidays and are ready vacation or shift patterns on paper or as a PDF file. With free holiday planner Excel users receive a flexible scheduler for vacation and working hours. If you have a spreadsheet on the computer comes with the freeware easily and quickly individual shift and vacation plans.