Familo app

Know where the family connected, without having to harry and nerves with calls? That goes with the free Familo app. The application is a locating Messenger, which automatically provides information about locations. Practical: The user decides what he reveals whom.

Familo app for carefree family life

"Mom, I'm good landed. You have nothing to worry "- messages or calls of this kind belong to the past. With the free app from the home Familonet family members are automatically informed when you leave regular places such as home, school, university or work or achieved. The locator app is not a privacy killer, but offers protection and freedom at the same time. So everyone can decide which sites you want to share when and with whom itself. The Familonet app would therefore be more of a relief for the family life or WG-life. Whether retired or schoolchild: communication and organization are significantly larger uncomplicated and security and the feeling of freedom. No one feels stepped on the toes or controlled.

Familo app

Thus, the works Familonet app

The handling of the app is not just easy - it's also fun because the design was designed appealing and intuitive. After downloading the app Familo the user must first register. First, it can create any groups, such as one for the close circle of friends, another for the family and a third for the WG or the partner. the persons to be invited then according to the groups that are to be part of a group. Now you can still define places that are part of everyday life and where then should be made check-ins.

Automatic check-ins

Were, for example, school, home and work as specified locations, the app displays automatic messages. That is, if the child has arrived at school, the rest of the group is notified. In addition, you can set the app that group members see the live site - may or may not be. but that can, for example, make sense for older people. So do the family where grandma or grandpa stuck and not have to constantly make check calls. In addition, older people can safe, but does not control or feel.

is also to highlight the call for help function. Users can send their location by clicking enabling parents or children to rush emergency aid.

Familo App Chat

Locating with Messenger features

In addition, the locating app has various Messenger features. So group members can chat with each other and exchange pictures through the app. The developers promise also that personal data is encrypted and not passed on to third parties.