cancel Google Play Music: So you will get rid of the subscription

Tired of the subscription? You enough the free version or your streams music rather than another provider? We show you how to cancel Google Play Music can.

Music streaming has become socially acceptable some time ago. It used to something you was illegal on the road, there are now numerous very good deals that provide subscribers monthly costs a huge selection of songs - even mobile, like the Google Play Music app proves. The selection is great - so Google's service offers more than 35 million songs and allows you to integrate your own songs from the personal collection. Without advertising and also offline as much music can also hear about mounted radio stations everywhere - if you use the subscription.

cancel Google Play MusicYou have no more desire on subscription and want to announce Google Play Music? We show you how. (Picture: Screenshots / Editorial)

cancel Google Play Music: Easier said than done?

The "disadvantage" on subscription: It costs about 10 euros a month. This is a really good offer for frequent listeners. but who rarely listen to music and even more at home, for this can be quite a lot of money, the investment is not worth every month. but so many might be using even another music streaming service like Spotify, Deezer or Apple Music.

can be a trial subscription to Google Play Music - as it is officially known by now in Germany - free trial for a certain time. Convinced of the service can not be canceled, of course. This goes beyond the PC or the app on the smartphone or tablet. At least in theory. For while the K├╝ndigungsweg through the Google Play Store via PC works fine, it can come through the app to problems.

Google Play Music app terminateWithin the app, the subscription of the settings can terminate. (Image: Screenshot / Editorial)

Service unsubscribe from the app

If you would like to try out the K├╝ndigungsweg the app anyway, perhaps because you just are traveling, you can do the following:

  1. Open the Google Play Music app.
  2. Taps the hamburger menu at the top left and looking in the sidebar for the contact settings. (Who instead prefer to upgrade to the family rate, which can make it with the entry.)
  3. In the next screen, there is the entry Cancel Subscription. This tap. Now you are asked why you want to quit. Tapping on the appropriate response and confirmed with Next.
  4. Now should open more instructions in the rule. you will be happy times by Google to its Google Play account settings instead. Terminate the subscription can not be there, though.

This problem appears unfortunately to date now and then with a few users. In this case, however, the path from the desktop helps:

Google Play Music announce DesktopThe termination of the subscription on the desktop works on the account from the Google Play Store. (Image: Screenshot / Editorial)

Unsubscribe from the PC

You can cancel Google Play Music from your PC, without encountering problems. For this, only a few steps are necessary:

  1. Login you a Google account on the Google Play Store with your.
  2. There you will find the entry subscriptions under which should be added the Google Play Music subscription on your account. Typed terminate in this entry on subscription.
  3. You are asked in a window that opens if you really want to quit. Click here click Unsubscribe.
  4. After that, once a notice is: "You've canceled your subscription." Confirmed OK.

Google Play Music announce confirmationYou have to confirm once again that you really want to quit. (Image: Screenshot / Editorial)

Did you complete the cancellation, the subscription will still continue listed, but with a reference to the expiry date. Until that time, you can continue using your subscription. Only then your account will be scaled back to the free, ad-supported version. That means you can, if you terminate the Google Play Music pending successful, after this specified date no longer on your through the Service downloaded music access the created of you Channels (offline mode) and. Is a new subscription completed, the contents but are back.

Notices of termination

Have you been a paid subscription to use, you can cancel your subscription within 14 days after the start of the first paid billing period and request a refund for that month as users in the EU. Otherwise, the subscription will expire at the end of the new billing period. A free trial subscription can be used only once requested.