savings bank

Sparkasse makes the home computer running Windows 8 (.1) quasi a bank branch. This means in the case of free Win App standards such Kontostand- and sales query or workers remittances, but also a direct line to the financial institution. The latter means that direct inquiries may be addressed to the savings from the banking app. The core of the freeware but is of course the love of money. As it is with this, has the app at a glance from clear, even for several parallel guided accounts. For a 30-day period of the tile banker prepares the account developments by graphically on, he also retains the financial trends over longer intervals in the eye, thus facilitating the financial planning. Furthermore erlegigen customers of the savings bank operations such as locking their cards for foreign countries or the creation of templates for recurring transactions. Finally, place both manually and chipTAN chipTAN comfort support for the generation of TANs. watch for, however, according to the manufacturer, that use of the Sparkasse-app charges may apply in certain circumstances – be obtained from the local branch.