Voice control Android: the best commands & features

The Voice control Android activate and ask the personal Google Wizard dictation. learn everything about activation, features and commands and make a Voicey from the phone!

A prerequisite for the use of the language assistant a device which operates 5 Lollipop at least under the operating system Android. In addition, the latest version of Google Now Launcher should be downloaded. Following the wizard in the Google app can be enabled. Here then the following path must be called: Settings -> language -> Ok Google recognition, and they are activated. Finally, only the Google app must be open and the language assistant be started either with the command Okay Google or tap on the microphone icon.

Voice control Android: Commands at a glance

Who uses the Android voice control, can access a number of functions and features. it if you even try around a bit and austestet is best. The selection of commands does not purport to be exhaustive, but rather represents a section of the facility.

Voice control AndroidThe voice control Android offers many convenient features.

conversation & communication

Mobile devices are there to communicate. And even that can be done about the language assistant:

  • Call xx: Represents a telephone connection to the desired contact forth
  • Text message to xx and text input: Sends an SMS with the text you want to said contact
  • Write an e-mail to xx and text input: Send an e-mail with said content to the corresponding contact

use Google Search by Voice Control Android

Sure, Google is primarily known as a search engine. The search option has been integrated, is almost self-evident, and so the questions of life can be clarified using the voice command:

  • How is the weather in City / Country: The current weather forecast for this region
  • Population City / Country: Shows the number of inhabitants of the place or the country of
  • What is the share of xx: Gets the course of the undertaking
  • club xx: Are the results of the last game of this association to
  • Author of xxDisplays the author of the book
  • Films in place: Gets the current movie listings from this place

navigation & Google Maps

Lost? Disoriented? Lost in the middle of nowhere? Again, the voice control Android helps further, thanks to these announcements:

  • Where is the / the / the nearest cinema / bar / library, etc.: Shows the desired goals in close vicinity
  • Drive or navigate to City / Country: Moves from the current location to the desired destination
  • Map of city or countryOpens Google Maps the corresponding card


To an organized life include an alarm clock and a neatly guided calendar. These commands both can be managed via voice input:

  • Put the alarm clock on xx: xx pm: Set the alarm to the announced time
  • Create an appointment on xxx for xxx in my calendar: Creates a corresponding calendar date
  • Remember at xx: xx am to xx: Sets a reminder at the desired date and subject to
  • Note and text: Sends an email with memory and the trendy Memo

additional applications

In addition, the voice control provides some very useful features in addition to:

  • Open Site Name: Gets the site you want to
  • Games songs: Plays through Google Music to favorite track from
  • Number plus / times / divided minus / by number: Raises this math question
  • Currency exchange: Converts the requested currencies