The peak Ster app suggests just very nice waves, provides them with its focus on voice messages and audio content but an easy to use and very innovative alternative to all other social networks. As your Speak use Ster can and can get out of the voice messages app the best: Here you can learn it!

Speak use Ster is not difficult

Many may wonder yet what this voice message is exactly app ever before they want to use Speak Ster and deal closer to it. In a nutshell: It is a social network, is communicating by voice messages - with friends, acquaintances, family, but also with a lot of other users worldwide. There are profiles and communities and messages are automatically deleted after some time.

Speak use Ster

It is not hard to to network with friends - you can use the search function by name or @username find. In addition, interesting people are always suggested that might interest you.

The communication is via voice messages. To accommodate such, you have to hold the record button pressed down the middle and can get started. Then the record button is drawn to the desired contribution and released so that the message arrives at the intended recipient.

As already mentioned, be deleted posts automatically when 72 hours nothing happened to them, so the network is always up to date. But even manually, you can make them disappear before. For this, a contribution is wiped simply left. Then you tap on Delete, then click Confirm.

Speak Ster use Set profile

unlock new features

Speak Ster-users the way to rise to the Level Principle : who interacts much, thereby increasing his popularity, gets points - for example, when someone shares one of your posts or liked. Even for successful referrals from friends, there are points. Each level switches thereby releasing new features.Posts incidentally rise in popularity if your shares they thought - and that goes best with hashtags, with which your Clearly mark your posts, so that they can be found via the search easier by interested parties.

Should you here once on a Profile with a blue hook encounter, is a verified Accout. The one company, an institution or even a famous personality can be either.

Speak Ster use assistance

Problems with the peak Ster app?

But sometimes you do not, despite all the clarity. For example, what if you get a notification, but does not find the post? Do not despair: In profile there is the Notifications tab where is these all listed and can also tap. You will have passed.

Should you even come across a post from which you are feeling or anyone else attacked and obviously violates the user policies, you can him report. Simply the appropriate contribution swipe left and tap Report. Speak Ster checks the post and then locks the user if necessary.

And you can watch again not login because you have forgotten your password, which is not a problem as you can on the login screen simply a can send a new email by forgotten password? is typing. Are you then followed the instructions in the email, you can go back and use Speak Ster as you are used to.

More help on the app

Who still needs help or all functions gradually would be explained by the app itself, it can select the Settings menu: The explanatory Enable me Speak Ster and already you gain little by tips on how you can use your peak Ster. The feature can exhibit again naturally. In difficult questions, the support can also be contacted directly via the app though.