offline: help alternative domains and app offline: help alternative domains and app

is offline, Movies about alternative domains or the app can continue to stream movies. describes which addresses you use or where you can download the app!

Note: The use of is a legal gray area. Although especially the owner of the site to commit on the current legal situation by blatant copyright infringement a criminal offense. Nevertheless, the use of the streaming service is though not a crime, then at least legally questionable. offline? So still can stream movies!

While numerous lawsuits against sites like it always came back to closures of the website. If you still do not want to give up the evening movie enjoyment with current blockbusters, has the following alternatives:

1. Download the app and stream mobile

Those who want to exploit the current gray area in Germany, the download app with the, even when offline. The app also offers a user-friendly interface on mobile devices. In the main menu both Specific titles and movies can be selected by genre or release date. The app should be used, however, because of the high data usage when streaming only with a Wi-Fi connection.

2. Call Alternative Domains

According to the motto Legends never Die! refers itself to the following alternative sites which the original Page 1: Mirror 1:

  • http://kinox.TV
  • http://kinox.ME
  • http://kinox.AM
  • http://kinox.NU
  • http://kinox.PE

With luck, the Kinox on these domains can be called.

3. Use of the Google public DNS server or Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

If both options fail, users can try to access the site via Google DNS server or VPN. Who does not know how to do that here finds the appropriate server tools for download – can surf the Internet (even without deeper knowledge users) anonymous example, the browser Gate, with the user.

Alternative free streaming services

Meanwhile, there are a number also legally questionable streaming services that provide current track. If be offline, you can try, for example, on the side his luck. If one examines the other hand, series, can be found on Burning Series ( offline

In addition (and this choice is expressly recommended), there are numerous legally acceptable alternatives. So can view on YouTube entire movies. A wide selection of movies in full-length feature, for example, YouTube channels network cinema or CiNENET.

Series fans will find with a little luck on Clipfish or MyVideo the correct sequence of their favorite song. Not to mention the numerous media libraries of television channels (especially the public broadcasters). Here can be – even if only for a limited period of time – even stream legally broadcast recently movies, shows or features both free as well. offline alternative