Data protection notice: This should be observed!

Who in his contract Data protection notice want will have several options to choose from. We show what simyo customers must note that different tariff options and how to change, including number portability to another mobile operator. learn more now!

Data protection notice by letter, e-mail or contact

The mobile discounter Data protection is now one of Telefónica Germany. Data protection via App Download the customer changes fairly straightforward own simyo deal, booked new options or sees his bills. Who wants to terminate the Data protection agreement, but this can not be made directly via the Data protection app, but must go other ways. If there is no contract, simyo customers can switch fairly straightforward. To end flat rates or packages without maturity, they are canceled or two days before the end of its useful life.

The notice period of three months must be adhered to in contracts

Contracts with 24 months contract period, however, must be terminated in writing three months before the expiry of the contract period. Again, the user can choose whether he prefers for the termination letter, e-mail or the Data protection contact form. If the cancellation arrives too late and the three months' notice is not complied with, the contract period for another 12 months extended. In the variants of the All-Net Flat no maturity a period of 28 days before the end of the accounting period applies to the Data protection termination. When the four-week period has elapsed, the term for another month extended.

Data protection noticeData protection notice - either by letter, e-mail or contact

Data protection prepaid rates do not require termination

The simyo prepaid tariffs no notice is required. Here it is sufficient to the end of activity time window of 12 months after the last charging abzutelefonieren the remaining credit. Then you can still be reached for another two months at home. If no further charging occurs at this time, the Data protection is SIM card automatically disabled and the contract is terminated.

Data protection at a number portability porting declaration is filled

The termination of flat rates / packages with maturity or postpaid contracts goes by mail to the following address: Data protection Customer Service, PO Box 17 10, 31817 Springe. Who wants to take your own phone number to another provider must complete a port statement. This is the My Data protection > Personal data > to find number portability.

withdraw terminate remaining balance after simyo

In a Death or moving abroad, the Data protection agreement can easily quit even before the end of the contract period. Who moves abroad, sends the Data protection service center in addition to the written notice a copy of the foreign employment contract or residence permit for.If there exists a remaining balance on their own account in the deactivation of the SIM card, the customer can simyo this course pay off. He fills out to the order for remaining credit disbursement. The existing balances will be paid according to Data protection within 4 to 6 weeks to the specified bank account.