Passta – the password manager

Of the Passta - the password manager download ensures that users do not lose track of their access data on the Internet. The password manager and password safe secure all passwords its owner in an encrypted database and synchronizes them with mobile apps for smartphones or tablets.

Passta - the password manager download as clever Password Safe

Passta manages not only the credentials, passwords and Pins safe and comfortable, but also saves a lot of time and typing. The shareware provides the user with hotkeys available to take, for example, opened just in the Web browser home page in a new record. A password generator is also on board. This can be used to generate particularly strong passwords, which in addition to letters and numbers and special characters.

Passta - the password manager downloadPassta - the password manager download as thoughtful Password Safe (Picture: ASCOMP software)

As you can remember login information, passwords and pins?

This issue has probably every user be gathered more and more access, passwords and pins, and since you know, should come up with a different password for each account, for security reasons, it will soon be impossible to remember all the passwords without aids. To make matters worse, that strong passwords do not bear the name of the pet or own residence, but should consist of a combination of letters, numbers and special characters. Therefore, many users access the note in a file on a piece of paper on the desk. is much safer since even the use of a proper Zugangsdaten- and password management as Passta.

Only a single master password needed!

With the Passta - the password manager download all data will be stored centrally under a single interface, and manages. Therefore, the user must henceforth only remember one password: the user's password to log in Passta. Only when the user dials into the program, the data is visible and can also specifically search.

Passta - the password manager download Password Safecreate access and edit (Picture: ASCOMP software)

Securely encrypts data with 256-bit AES algorithm.

For security according to the supplier is guaranteed: The clever Password Safe is automatically encrypted with 256-bit AES, so that unauthorized persons can not access it, the password database stores passwords, access data and pins of all kinds, no matter whether it is a combination of user name and password or are individual, independent passwords. Also, pins or numerical codes and license keys for registration of programs takes Passta happy to receive so that they can not be forgotten.

Passta with additional Android and iOS app on the go

Very useful is the ability to automatically enter with self-selected key combinations on particular websites their own user name and password in a registration form. An Android and an iOS app are also available. to synchronize the database with smartphone or tablet and also on the go convenient access to the password vault, for example, when you suddenly can not remember the PIN of the debit card at an ATM.

Passta - the password manager download synchronizationDatabase of smartphone or tablet to sync (Picture: ASCOMP software)

Export credentials and print

Users can Passta also take you on a USB stick to access the passwords on other PCs. The records can also export in XML format and print the lists, edited externally and imported again.