Silkroad online

The free MMORPG Silkroad Online puts players in a ajar the spätanktiken far east virtual world. In different roles one goes on the trail of the events on the legendary Silk Road, the central artery of goods between Europe and China. Depending on your personal inclination to take the jobs of the dealer, the thief or the so-called Hunters. The roles in Silkroad Online is clearly defined: while the merchant his nature to such procedures his luck in buying and selling of valuable goods, the thief seeks ways to steal him this. The Hunter turn raises protectively in front of the traders ... Start the different characters in Silkroad Online still plenty of inexperienced, evolve over the course of the game to ever more powerful avatars. The MMORPG shines to the respective landscapes presented adjusted and includes a number of cities, levels and enemies through varied graphic. takes too long to whom the development of his character, which can also whip out the real wallet and buy so-called items in a shop of the manufacturer. As is known from similar games like WoW, equip these artifacts the virtual hero with additional abilities.