install unsigned drivers

Driver signing of Windows is a well-intentioned invention. Before device drivers receive official support, they must undergo a series of tests. But not all manufacturers have passed the (expensive) test procedure their drivers, even though they work properly. If such unsigned drivers to be installed, a warning appears. Whom the warning time is a nuisance, they can disable a point in the Control Panel. However, you should make sure in this case that you only use drivers that do not cause problems.

Turn off ** Warning of unsigned drivers

**Unsigned drivers Tip 1Click Start -> settings -> Control Panel, then double-click on each "administration" and "Local Security Policy", Click subsequently on the left tree over "local Policies" to the "security options" by.

** Three options are available

**Unsigned drivers Tip 2Now look in the right window, select "Equipment: installation behavior Unsigned driver" and double click on it. Now you can specify the desired behavior from the drop down menu. Either the warning can be disabled or unsigned drivers are not even allowed. The default is the well-known warning before installing.