Formulary for Excel ForExcel

Formulary for Excel ForExcel

The free formulary ForExcel brings a Database of more than 300 formulas from mathematics and physics in Excel format on the computer. The freeware provides formulas for many applications, such as algebra, thermodynamics, electrical and mechanical engineering as well as commercial calculations.

ForExcel download for quick access to mathematical formulas

The formulary ForExcel gives users a quick access to all important formulas from algebra, geometry, engineering and physics. The ForExcel download includes more than 700 records with over 300 formulas. The selected formulas can easily fit into Microsoft’s Excel spreadsheet and perform a further calculations. The database works with all MS Excel versions from Excel XP.

ForExcel download

ForExcel contains formulas to mechanical, electrical and optical

ForExcel treated topics such as Business Calculations, conversions, functions and combinatorics. In the field of geometry are the main theorems to triangle, square, circle and trigonometry ready, while found in the category Mechanics their bases and kinematics, dynamics, oscillations and waves into account. Anyone interested in electrical engineering, will receive, among others need to know concerning electric and magnetic fields, AC and electrical resonant circuits. In the division optics formulas and information about reflection and refraction, thermodynamics, temperature, expansion of the contained body and energy. An overview of the information contained in ForExcel applications:

  • Business calculations
  • simple transformations
  • Transformations / Solutions
  • features
  • Combinatorics
  • geometry
  • stereometrie
  • trigonometry
  • mechanics
  • Electrical engineering
  • optics
  • thermodynamics
  • nuclear physics
  • technology
  • Calculations on the motor
  • Heating and cooling technology
  • pipe calculations

The formulary ForExcel has conversions of any kind on board

On the topic of conversions, the ForExcel download a lot to offer. All major conversions to length, area, volume, mass, pressure, energy / work, power, speed, time, force, angle and resistance, current, voltage and currencies, and inductance and decimal units are ready. So the user can, for example, convert any surfaces between square kilometers, hectare, Ar, square and other units. An indication is also in the other usual local area units like square inch or Square Mil possible.

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ForExcel download conversions

The formula database can be expanded and edit

The individual formulas can the select units for the input and output free. The formula with the appropriate conversions is then inserted into MS Excel. The formula database provides the ability to expand the formulary yourself or to modify. New records can be inserted to, delete and edit. Other programs in the field of mathematics can be found in our software catalog for free download. Insert formulas quickly and easily in MS Excel ForExcel offers extensive mathematical formula collection. so that the user gets quick access to all the important formulas in the areas of algebra, geometry and physics, and can paste it into Excel spreadsheets for further processing. The formula database is graphically simple, but very educational and easy to use.