CheckDrive 2014j

The free CheckDrive checked hard drives and fix errors quickly and reliably. For the Plattentod always comes out the back door. Broken file here or there, coupled with the one or the other system crash can, for example, be evidence of successively be adopted hard drive. If these signs overlooked, it may one day come to the crash. CheckDrive checks the individual partitions, it being sufficient to drive check to press the appropriate buttons in the program window. The clean interface allows each user to come immediately familiar with the program and use it. During the scan CheckDrive displays a sector panel showing the free, the audited and unaudited areas of the partition of color. Here tracked errors the program attempts to remedy the same. Otherwise, at the end of each scan, a report that collects all error messages, allowing a follow-up analysis. Failing that, CHKDISK can be called. Recently CheckDrive does his job well by scheduling. Even without manual intervention by the user employs a regular examination of the drives that always maintains the state of the hard drives in mind.

Limitations of CheckDrive 2014j

Requires free registration at the manufacturer prior to use of the program.