Kali Linux

Kali Linux is a Debian-based Linux distribution, which primarily includes programs for specific tests for safety. She is especially popular with professionals and experts, especially when it comes to penetration testing.

The Kali Linux Download for more protection and security of the computer system

The Kali Linux program contains various tools, which is when used properly suitable for a vulnerability assessment as well as password and wireless attacks, exploitation, sniffing and spoofing. all of this can lead to legal difficulties, if you abused the tools to come serve up information about other people. Therefore, the user always where he needs to be aware of the applicable laws of the country realize a Download Kali Linux performs. That being said are hack attacks, so unauthorized access to other computers, allowed in any country and will always be criminal prosecuted. That should be aware of to each user.

The tools contained in the Kali Linux

in Kali Linux 300 Integrated Tools. Thus, the user can get an idea about the usefulness of the system utility which is the successor to BackTrack, here is a list of the most important, integrated tools of the program follows:

  • Nmap, which is a network scanner. This network scanner Nemap is here also available for free download.
  • Ettercap what a network manipulation tool.
  • John the Ripper; which is a program to decrypt passwords and test.
  • Metasploit; which is a framework for developing and testing exploits.

Kali Linux Download

In addition to Kali Linux there are a number of other system utilities that bring also a large repertoire of features.

Appearance and handling of the system Utility

The design of Kali Linux is very chic and appealing: It has the well-known Linux Gnome menu structure of the user interface and is therefore clearly structured and beautifully built. Nevertheless, the user interface is clear and neat tidy, it concerns with this tool for a program only for computer experts and professionals as Programming knowledge. Computer novice or even lay people are in fact unfortunately can not do much with the tool.

Kali Linux Download script

The ultimate program for all hackers and pentester With meticulous attention to details, the download Kali Linux presents its users. It is a thoroughly enjoyable program for obtaining information regarding various parts of the computer system and will make the hearts of Pentestern and hackers beat. So if you deal with it and know the legal situation of the country is aware of that may have on cloud nine with this program, which is very versatile because it includes several tools for system analysis.