Series and movies on the Internet: Is Clipfish free and legal?

Series and movies on the Internet: Is Clipfish free and legal?

Those looking on the net for movies and series that can be streamed for free, lands quickly to not quite legitimate sites and alternatives are in a legal gray area. But there are exceptions: For example, the streaming is on Clipfish free and in addition also still perfectly legal. And the offer can be seen actually.

The now several years old service at the time was made especially with short clips and show excerpts name. For some time now specializes alongside those excerpts that there is still, above all on series, movies and anime – and has since built up a very nice selection.

Clipfish freeYes, it’s true: You can Clipfish use for free – and that too legally. (Image: Screenshot Clipfish / Editorial)

Series and movies on the Internet: Is Clipfish free and legal?

use Clipfish free via browser or app

can be accessed as a user via Internet or via the free downloadable Clipfish app. And all you then have to do is create an account. Optionally, you can watch but also login via Facebook account.

An account is unfortunately necessary – otherwise the streams are namely not play. An indication there is not on the side, unfortunately, which is why so many potential users may be wondering and the side leaves again, in the belief that the streams do not work.

But an account is created quickly. And even faster you go via Facebook. Too much information you also need not make. And do not worry: you can use for free Clipfish, with account. In addition, you provides the login the ability to create playlists, add friends and manage favorites.

Clipfish free movieschange from time to time the title – there is always something new to discover. (Image: Screenshot Clipfish)

Perfectly legal stream is possible

So it’s a fallacy that there are only legal payment services to stream content and all the free services from a legal stand on the evil side. Because Clipfish radiates especially content that are royalty-free and was able to purchase the service for the lowest license fees for some time.
The project is financed by upstream and intermediate advertising, which can indeed be annoying, but let’s face it: In the TV we can not click away, they also – and here she comes far more frequently than the streaming service.

A major problem, however: This Clipfish can remain free, the makers in the background do not have the option to add the latest blockbusters and series, which is why the offer is limited mainly to older content. Here there are so discover some pearls. In addition, the series and movies offered change frequently, so it is never really boring. So if you want to look well beyond Game of Thrones and orange is the new black, can discover really good stuff here.

Above all anime fans and lovers of old comic series will get their costs. Here you can find that is so real highlights. So, just by clicking once – that I need you not register yet. Only if you want to start streaming, the account must be found. What are you waiting for?