Then deleted folders can be restored

Around recover deleted folder to, it does not even need an extra software in most cases. learn how to easily retrieves accidental remote data!

Note: If our tips do not help, does it with absolute certainty this software: The Recuva download is free and saves easily deleted data.

recover deleted folder: The first way is through the trash

If you have accidentally deleted data, you can retrieve it easily via the so-called trash. To open the virtual trash can, a double click on the icon sufficient. Now all deleted items are listed. you will not find immediately the folder you want, you can sort the view by file types using the search box, targeted for a particular name. To recover deleted folder, click with the right mouse button is enough. It appears from the restore option is selected, a pop-up menu. After the file is found again at its original location.

recover deleted folderrecover deleted folders from the trash

retrieve folder via Backup

You should have already taught the trash, but was smart enough to secure its data, you can recover deleted this backup folder. There are good reasons, and several ways to duplicate its data: on CDs, external hard drives or via cloud. If you for example have a Dropbox account and have the automatic backup feature enabled, the contents of the folder may be on this variant reconstruct:

deleted folders restore Dropboxrecover deleted folders via Dropbox

If all else fails and help none of these tips, there are numerous free and paid recovery tools who go in search of accidentally deleted files.

The free recovery tools Recuva

Both popular and proven software to recover data, called Recuva and can be downloaded for free. The tool has been programmed by the developers of CCleaner, and can store data on the hard disk, restore the USB flash drive and even MP3 players or digital cameras. Once the desired media is selected, the software scans the selected disk and lists all files for which recovery is possible. Optionally, either all or only specific data can be reconstructed, which are then found in a predetermined directory.

deleted folders restore Recuvarecover deleted folder using Recuva

Thanks to the depth-first search Recuva is even data that have been removed in the mode And Secure. The operation is very simple and also to accomplish easily by lay thanks to a wizard. The tool is available for both Windows as well as a portable version and can save most of accidentally deleted data. If Recuva fail unexpectedly, you can recover using this software to download files. However, then only shareware helps in most cases.