Fun Software – joke programs for Windows

Although the foolish time is up recently, although it does not have too seriously go on the PC. Office workers run their colleagues with little joke tools on thin ice. A bit of fun after all must be! Programs have usually a useful purpose, be it surfing the Internet, optimizing Windows or word processing. But there are also the kind of tools that drive nothing but nonsense. How about fake error messages, a twisted desktop or a virtual fan? We take you to the seemingly mindless applications that still have a goal at the end: your entertainment.

Joke programs can trigger virus false alarm

A little warning in advance: Many antivirus programs arrange joke programs to a separate category and warn them. But no worry! The presented joke tools are all harmless and do not cause any damage. They can therefore be used carefree.

Joke programs are fading error messages

Dr. WindowsError messages are the biggest annoyance of every Windows user. Dr. Windows sprinkle salt into the wound, and displays appropriate error messages freed. From the message that the mouse has been moved and the computer must be restarted so, on the question of what the user is doing through to fake Buffer Overflow: Dr. Windows brings more than 50 error messages. download Dr.Windows Message Manager LiteIt continues with individual Message Manager Lite to. Although the Fun freeware comes with no pre-error messages, but the accent here even hand. Simply enter the desired text message, select Icon (error message, warning, information or confirmation message) and the message is displayed. Individual buttons as "OK". "Retry" or "Ignore" appears to get out. The built-in timer displays the error message on request only after a specified time. Download Message Manager Lite

Fun software rotates the screen and reduces frustration

desktop FunThe screen is the most important part of the PC. A disaster is, therefore, when the monitor goes crazy. Then aims desktop Fun from. One selects from one of many fun effects and rotates the screen, pixelated it, dips it in either a dark or bright color, or zooms in. Mad it drives you when these effects rushing regularly and in a selectable speed across the screen. Download Desktop Fun BaffotronThey resent a colleague and would like to show him once, where the hook is? Instead to gain a dismissal and a criminal record, you can also virtually Drain frustration. Baffotron presents a virtual colleague you can beat up your heart's content. Whether with his fist or foot - free fire! download Baffotron cigarette box saying"Smoking can damage your health" is a valid indication of the risk posed by smoking. As a grown-smoking but you should be able to decide whether to commit oneself to this risk. cigarette box saying generates new and funny warnings for tilting packs. These "warnings" but are anything but serious. Download cigarette box saying

Love letter generator and virtual fan as joke programs

Cyrano Love Letter WizardThey are madly in love and want your beloved not send your vow of love via Facebook? How about an old-fashioned love letter? Of the Cyrano Love Letter Wizard find the right words for you and generates a heart-rending confession of love in text form. You only need to specify the name of the beneficiary / recipient and his / her greatest property (is romantic, intelligent, etc.). From this information, the virtual Armor will bring a seemingly perfect love letter. But beware: You are still in the fun zone ... Download Cyrano Love Letter Wizard Mr.VentilatorBefall you while working occasionally hot flushes? maybe can Mr. fan remedy the situation. The tool gives a virtual breeze from the desktop. Even if the real cooling effect is probably inevitable, then at least for performing mental "coolness" taken care of. Download Mr. Fan

The full load: 99 MB joke programs in a collection

Apps Museum FunTo conclude, there is the full fun Dröhnung: In Apps Museum Fun Philipp Winterberg several dozen fun romp programs. Let melt the Windows window of your colleagues such as lead, infect his mouse cursor with BSE or stop climate change. This fun program collection must on every PC of each supporter fun. Download Apps Museum Fun want good entertainment and lots of fun!