Z-Scan2Send digitized documents as PDF and places them subsequently on a server, or send them by fax, mail, and (S) FTP. Z-Scan2Send It also provides a document management from the inbox, but makes itself useful in other areas. The optimal use of Z-Scan2Send probably looks like this: Incoming letters are scanned and then left as a TIFF or automatically stored in individual or so-called multi-page PDF files via a scanner with automatic document feeder. PDFs stores Z-Scan2Send on request directly encrypted (AES 256-bit) as well as digitally signed and packaged it also in ZIP archives. Now, the document manager archives the files either on a server that transmits it via FTP or SFTP secure variant on a file server on the web, or sending a fax or e-mails to predefined recipients. For this set user-programmed default text tight as salutation and notification. Is optionally sent via a mail server is integrated in or on the Z-Scan2Send mail solution. Z-Scan2Send makes itself useful in various areas of everyday office life - whether at InHouse-mail management, for the transmission of data to the accountant or the exchange of documents between different offices. The documents software is clearly structured, provides lots of function in a small space and sees itself with popular scanners including professional document feeder. Anyone looking for a competent help in the fight against the flood of paper, should risk a closer look here.

Limitations of Z-Scan2Send

The trial version is limited to 20 program starts.