5 cool tricks Snapchat for Android and iOS

5 cool tricks Snapchat for Android and iOS

Our clever Snapchat tricks , users of the popular photo Messenger app not only send photos and watch, but also use some well-hidden features. We tell you the best Snapchat tips and tricks, how to get much more from his Snapchat account!

use Snapchat tricks and switch extra options

The Snapchat app provides the ability to fun pictures to friends, colleagues and acquaintances to send that are visible for a short time and then dissolve into thin air. Every day around 700 million photos and videos sent via Snapchat worldwide. After Snapchat download, the user should enable advanced features for now. To this end, he clicks on setting up additional services and Manage. After that, various extra options and filters are available that go far beyond the standard options. Below our selection of the five coolest tricks Snapchat:

Snapchat tricks

crack 10-second limit for videos: Trick no. 1

Who uses the iOS version of Snapchat, the 10-second limit can crack at videos and also record longer movies. For this, the user types after the start of video recording, double-click the home screen and reaches the multitasking view. Only after returning to the app recording the video stops. However, the recorded movie can not be sent in full length to friends.

Trick No. 2:. Painting and writing in black and white

As is known, the user can paint his shots at will by hand and labeled. The color palette can be expanded to other colors that are not seen in the iPhone app. White and Black initially missing apparently. Who wants to paint in white, goes with his finger in the ink column only up to the very top and then to the upper left corner of the display. In Black’s is analogous to down. Android Snapchatter can also paint with transparent colors when they hold your finger and hold the color column until a new window is visible.

Snapchat tricks colors

Trick No. 3:. Number of "best friends" increase

the Snapchatter quickly and easily change the indicated number best friends. It is here to those people with whom you exchange most photos. The list can be extended on request as you wish. Again, the way to do this via setting, additional services and manage. Here is the option number best friends for determining how many of their own buddies to be displayed.

Trick No. 4:. Push for their own video recordings

If you miss a zoom in the recorded tapes, wipes when shooting a movie simply with a second finger on the screen to the top. As a result, the camera zooms in closer to the subject. Conversely, the whole thing with a swipe down to decrease the zoom as you wish.

Snapchat tricks filters

Use area-based filter: Trick no. 5

The last of our Snapchat tricks revolves around the filter. Whom three color filters are not enough, you can use location-based filters for your own photos. For this, the user selects Snapchat activate in settings Manage and filter. The Snapchat app needs access to their GPS data and locating. Interesting information such as weather, speed, time or place of recording can be shown that way.