Serviio acts as a distribution station between the computer and a variety of multimedia-compatible playback devices. The free DLNA server transmits image, music and sound via streaming from PC to TV, Playstation or even smartphones and tablets. This requires the DLNA capability of the target device, which is given in modern TVs generally and may be in Android, Windows Phone and iOS hardware achieved by installing an appropriate app. Serviio transmitted in addition to videos, images or songs and media streams from the network, RSS and Atom feeds, and generally Web resources on the controlled player. If present, available and desired, the DLNA server displays metadata, album covers and subtitles. Serviio provides its users also with the choice of the multimedia data transcoded broadcast for the respective target device either in their original format or in real time. An integrated media library helps to keep the overview to photos, movies and albums. Comfortable we go with the Media Browser, which are, however, part of the scope of the Pro version and tried in the present here free version seven days. Serviio particularly impressed by its almost setup extremely easy. However, the wide range makes supported media formats including HD videos the free distribution of a real recommendation for media fans.

Limitations of Serviio

For seven days, with the functions of the Pro version.