Summoners War: Sky Arena

The Summoners War: Sky Arena App opened players a magical world with countless monsters. The little creatures must be collected, trained and constantly improved. Here, all the monsters have different and unique skills. With 16 different rune types in order to optimize the capabilities of the essence, and over 800 different figures almost unlimited combinations and strategies open to achieve victory in the Sky Arena.

Summoners War: Sky Arena App

Different game concepts in Summoners War: Sky Arena App

It's the mix - even in the Summoners War: Sky Arena App. Because the game combined in looking-giving way the best elements of different game genres. Who likes varied games and want to play a game genre not only strictly, is well advised with the panopticon of exciting challenges. The basic game concepts are:

Trading Card Games

As in a classic trading card game monsters can be collected here. By Categories fire, water, wind, light and darkness some order is brought to the vast number of beings and creatures. And just as in trading card games, there are easy to Collaring monsters and those that are found only with great effort. To summon a monster, players need scrolls that can be spotted at different locations or unlocked by completing certain challenges. Each monster can in turn trained by tournaments and be improved by runes.

Monster and PvP

In the arena, players can take to player-versus-player battles. Carries a player to win it, he receives mana stones and crystals (the game currency), experience points and energy. Here it comes now on the right combination of elements. Essentially, the combination of the individual elements of the paper-rock-scissors-principle works. Fire is strong against wind, but is governed by the element of water, etc. Only those who regularly raises the fighting in the arena, has the chance to rise rapidly.


Last but not least is the Summoners War: Sky Arena App also a simulation and strategy game. In addition to the main buildings like a magic shop, the Temple of Wishes, a gold mine or a laboratory decorations or crystal structures can be set up. The main buildings are each provided with important functions, such as the strengths of the monster or ensuring the defense. If the space in short supply, there are three extensions.