Rockbox is a widely used alternative firmware for different MP3 players. The freeware Rockbox Utility installed the new operating system on Apple's iPod and other MP3 players and brings additional functionality to them. Rockbox extends the functionality of playback devices and provides additional formats in addition to various skins ready. These individually designed surfaces pose as delicacies such as the famous iTunes for Windows CowerFlow. However, other functions such as Replay Gain make the firmware very interesting. The functionality of Rockbox is constantly expanding in the download area is found both a list of features, as well as the supported devices. As always experimenting with alternative firmwares caution. The Rockbox Utility makes installation Although already relatively easy to make a change to the operating system, however, is still a relevant procedure and should be prepared with at least one komplatten backup of the player. Nevertheless, the device can theoretically damage to lend a hand happening here clearly at your own risk. iTunes can update function, the device restore although in most cases. The original firmware will remain the way preserved and can be activated when required - which is particularly handy when temporarily operated on a remote control.